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A Full Service Mitigation Company

Mortgage Mitigation Services, LLC is a premier full service mitigation company based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in providing mitigation services to many facets of the financial services industry. Our office headquarters is located in the heart of the business district in beautiful north Dallas at the intersection of North Dallas Parkway & Keller Springs Road in Addison, Texas.

As a mitigation company we mitigate the loss of mortgage holders, lending institutions, insurance companies and investment groups by facilitating and effectuating workable solutions for troubled assets in its portfolios. Leading the industry in creative solutions to avoid and reduce loss, Mortgage Mitigation Services, LLC has made a significant impact in the industry and has become a go to company when looking for results.



Mortgage Mitigation Services, LLC was founded in 2006. The company's start was birthed out of a sincere attempt to assist a friend’s distressed fellow church member avoid foreclosure. The founder was unaware as to how to help her and referred her to a company that specialized in foreclosure prevention. Although she was thankful for the referral, for some odd reason she only wanted to work with him. Not knowing how to help her, he contacted her lender and figured out how to resolve her situation and as a result Mortgage Mitigation Services came into existence.

Starting in his home with just one client, Mortgage Mitigation Services, LLC has grown into a company that has helped hundreds of homeowner’s throughout the country save their home from foreclosure. Many have said this was a stroke of genius to have positioned oneself to help homeowners avoid foreclosure as the housing industry was about to experience record foreclosures in epic proportions.

The CNN Coverage

In April 2007, CNN.MONEY covered Mortgage Mitigation Services in an article,"How To Fend Off A Foreclosure"and recognize Mortgage Mitigation Services as “an advocate for the troubled borrower” and immediately Mortgage Mitigation Services became known as a national company that offered solutions for those in jeopardy of losing their homes and who delivered with amazing results.

In 2008 CNN.MONEY continued to cover our company as a viable solution when our industry became flooded with unethical mitigation companies who were only seeking to profit and not help the homeowner. Mortgage Mitigation Services continued to grow and get positive recognition and a thumbs up from the media to include several news stories featured on FOX4 News in Dallas, Texas.

In 2009 Mortgage Mitigation Services, LLC extended its services to include mitigating the needs of the banking industry through the development of its commercial mortgages division. Seeing the need in the banking industry for banking institutions to reduce its exposure to risk within its portfolios, MMS has brilliantly positioned itself to effectively mitigate bank assets and has become a major player in the world of mitigation.

Future Goals

Please come back for updated information as the future of Mortgage Mitigation Services, LLC. is still being written.

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